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This IQ is really sudden for all those folks who face problems in remembering things, expertise bunch of subjects. It’s clean these days to be known as a low grade on the premise of your ability to understand & analyze matters. But even the wonderful minds of the sector had faced comparable problems. This Neuro Boost IQ  complement offers higher option to appearance at the higher aspect of your brain which is still locked & forbidden to apply in day by day life-style. People always bitch that the way to get admission to real brain potential to understand the complexity of the sector but this is something extra about creativeness. In reality you could improve your brain actual electricity and keep the ranges of concentration via exercise to bear in mind bunch of factors at equal time.

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Are you publishing to the internet for advertising purposes or perhaps you are offering goods or services? Whatever your reasons are: It's time to take a look at SMM, or Social Media Marketing.

Social media marketing has rightly been earning rave reviews among entrepreneurs and CEOs for the growth that it has brought to their businesses. Social media marketing creates an opportunity where you can triple the efficiency of your business by different means. However social media marketing usually works better when one’s social media account is drawing a lot of traffic (that is a lot of friends or followers) it is at this point that you can then begin to advertise your business or products to the online audience who also happen to be potential buyers, clients and customers.

There are many benefits of using SMM, and these will help your website to increase in value in a relatively short time. Some may be asking at this point 'what is Social Media Marketing?’ It's the latest innovation to reach massive amounts of potential customers through social networks. You may have heard of twitter or Facebook, there's also YouTube and several others. All of these sites present opportunities to promote your services for little or no charge. Putting a link to your site or product via social media will definitely be a huge advantage, so potential customers can easily find you.

Some other of the many ways in which you can benefit in using Social Media are 

  • You can get your brand or products really well known by choosing a good social media marketing campaign
  • When you advertise on Facebook or twitter etc your message spreads like wildfire
  • Try to remember that although you may be seeing massive amounts of traffic to your site - it doesn't necessarily mean that they are all going to convert into buyers 
  • Inexpensive
  • A good social media marketing drive is not only cost effective in itself but could eventually change the way you advertise permanently 
  • The backlinks this type of campaign can be nothing short of amazing, and you usually see results in a very short time
  • Social Media Marketing brings global fame to your business or commodity.
  • Allows you come close to more potential buyers than you could have met offline.
  • It serves as a great channel where you and buyer can communicate easily and swiftly
  • Social media marketing personalizes your company and makes people perceive your company as one that is aware of recent trends.
  • One of the privileges of social marketing is that you get access to more news and rumors doing the rounds without having to go to the newspaper stands.

Of course you could always use both methods of advertising if you prefer. If you have been using the usual methods of advertising for years you are in for a nice surprise. Keep in mind apart from the low costs - your audience will be on a much greater scale as well, and don't forget it is much more fuPOSITIVE EFFECT OF SOCIAL

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Leadership is the foundation on which countries are built, how our businesses are run and how our sport is played. This essay will briefly look at the various definitions of leadership and what successful leadership styles are needed to achieve a specific objective.

Generally all leaders are always able to articulate or define an objective and achieve a specific goal. Leaders achieve that goal or objective that has been set by managing to persuade others to help in achieving that objective. The same way a captain of a sports team would have the ultimate objective of winning the game or match played between the two sides.

The role of leadership is vital to managers and supervisors in the business world. It is just as important for success when coaching or teaching as well as parenting which has now conclusively proven to be an effective way of changing an adult. Leadership is a broad concept and there is no generally accepted definition of what leadership is.

However if we were going to be defining what a leader is then we need to add that the leader is generally someone who has democratically or otherwise been appointed as the head/leader of a group, organization or team. If we examine that brief definition a little closer we find that any leader will be a charismatic person that generally appeals to people.



Someone who is capable of making good decisions consistently and more importantly is able to inspire others. It is that inspiration and the ability to inspire the people that are being led to attain a specific and defined objective or goal. Any good leader is able to inspire and motivate as well as the ability to communicate assertively with the people he/she is leading.



The bottom line is that leaders have the ability to influence other people to do something that they would not normally do. The boss or the manager/coach does not make a leader that is just a title, a leader is made with inspiration of the people who are following to perform better than they would on their own.

The reason why a specific leader is followed is often simply because of charisma but unfortunately it is all too often deemed to be the only requirement to be a good leader. Any good leader has very specific qualities which is usually the only reason that a leader is able to stay a leader on a long-term basis.

For example a leader needs to have more knowledge about the business or game that is being played than the workers or the players in the company or team. A good leader will know everything about the company or the team that he is leading which includes any and all specific details required to make the correct decision.

A leader needs to be trusted without question but good leaders demonstrate trust by not trying to micro-manage the staff or the team. The trust goes both ways and is demonstrated on a daily basis that the team or workers can confidently get on with the task at hand without being concerned about always being watched by 'Big Brother.'





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The Power of Online Reviews

When you purchase something online, on Amazon for instance, it is always in your best interest to check the online reviews before clicking ‘checkout’. If something you are interested in is rated 1.5/5 stars, why would you even bother purchasing it? Often times as well, customers will write out their reviews. Some may review it positively, but more often than not, there is a short horror story of a review, detailing an unhappy customer’s bad experience with the product. So to answer any questions.. Yes. Customer reviews are of utmost importance. If more people rated your business poorly than positively, no one will want to do business with you.



According to a survey by BrightLocal, 88% of consumers trust online reviews just as much as they trust personal recommendations, even though most online reviews are posted by strangers.


So, if you enable customer reviews on your site, it can potentially have a positive effect on your company’s search rankings in search engines. According to an article by Forbes, “each new review written about a product on your site will allow your site to be seen as having higher authority, more relevance, and a higher chance of getting your pages ranked.”

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Twenty two year old Freddy Denver lived with his father Given Denver in the Kansas suburbs. Given was a widower; he had lost Jolly Denver, his beloved wife and Freddy’s mother to cancer during the jolly seasons of December last year, that amounts to five months now. Since then, nothing was ever the same with Given; he would weep all night and sulk all day.

Obviously because of the staggering misfortunes of the Denvers, Freddy was not the most privileged kid; however, he wasn’t the least privileged. His father, Given was able to see him through business school comfortably and also managed to fix him with a friend of his who worked at a large automobile retail firm.

Freddy like most young men, had a knack for impatience, exhibiting a big ego. It had always been a problem with him since his teenage years. Once in high school, Given got Freddy a moderate fairly used Volks Wagen but Freddy did not once ride in his car; he rather rode with his friend Sammy in his red hot Aston Marton, he would say, ‘ Dad, I’m bigger than that vehicle’. Sammy was a rich kid who’s dad was a name partner in a large law firm. Given was dearly hurt by this attitude his son exhibited and he just hoped it was all as a result of being a youth.

Now, back into the present, at Freddy’s workplace he was slowly building his reputation as an egoistic character; he would not say hi to junior staff and gave the older staff a hard time.  It wasn’t all bad with Freddy though, he was loved for being very focused, ambitious; he was generally a very efficient staff, and for that he was cherished . Mr. Chauteur, the Human Resource manager at the firm announced on a Monday morning, a list of senior staff that have been shortlisted to attend a 3-month sales manager training with a more experienced firm, the DELUXE BUSINESS GROUP with the aim of appointing one of the five of them nominated the new ASSISTANT SALES MANAGER role at the firm.

Freddy made the list, and so they set out to acquire this experience and skill. The group were greeted by a gentle looking, shabbily dressed man, Mr. Adam who gave them a minimal orientation about their new environment and also mentioned the manager is a hard man to meet so they may not meet him at all during their stay. They received instruction to resume every day of the week for the next three months. Everything went alright, and towards the last one month of the training it was obvious two individuals from the group were outstanding and that they were going to have to rival each other for the role back at their company, and of course Freddy was amongst the two. He was very efficient and so was the other girl who also had a touch of humility. The smell of success didn’t help Freddy’s big ego anyway. He had several confrontations with the shabbily dressed man who welcomed them to the company. He always thought, ‘why should I respect him, he dresses like he’s an errand boy around here.’ Once he sat in Mr. Adam’s seat at the lunch room a few times and wouldn’t get up when Mr. Adam requested. Freddy developed a little hate for Mr. Adam because he did not like the idea of a shabbily dressed man given him instruction all the time.

Three months came to its last minutes and Freddy and his colleagues returned to their firm where they were informed that the position for the post of ASSISTANT SALES MANAGER was going to be awarded by the manager of the DELUXE BUSINESS GROUP to the candidate he deemed fit. As the calls for the manager to step up and do the honors came to an end, a familiar shabbily dressed figure rose in response to the call up and ascended the podium; behold it was Mr. Adam. Freddy’s heart skipped more beats than a scared hen would have for he knew he allowed a big ego come between him and Mr. Adam.

Mr. Adam announced Emily was his choice for the role of ASSISTANT SALES MANAGER and on his way out, he whispered to Freddy, ‘it’s okay to have an ego, maybe a very big one but never let it define who you are and your attitude to people, take care son.’

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Just like every other thing in life that gets boring after a while, vehicles too can suffer same fate. If you woke one morning and you take a look at your vehicle and you feel like you’re too familiar with it and its time for a change; loose no sleep over this,BIDACAR has your back.
Imagine a classified site of vehicles; with BIDACAR you do not have to break the bank to turn up in a new vehicle. BIDACAR helps you make deals that are affordable and true enough to your taste. BIDACAR has a growing community of followers. The quality of vehicles that BIDACAR provides ensures its customers are from every part of the social stratification.



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BIDACAR has a system that allows you purchase fairly used vehicles but not battered vehicles. BIDACAR is not made for buyers only; just like Ebay if you’re looking to buy a certain item Ebay provides the platform and if you’re looking to sell ebay also provides the platform. This is what BIDACAR brings to you; the opportunity to reach out to sellers and buyers and a few facilities to make sure your deal moves swiftly.

All these and many more are the benefits you can achieve from using BIDACAR.
BIDACAR does not just throw a lot of vehicles at you; we aid you in your hunt for a vehicle that suits your lifestyle. Here you are offered with a variety of vehicles, a detailed knowledge of the specification of the cars and a picture to go with. BIDACAR operates in a way that encourages a safe deal that checkmates loss of vehicles or having a paid vehicle being hijacked thereby maximizing profit and reducing the risk of loss.

The way BIDACAR organizes its deals lets you avoid the risk and rigor of having to meet with a buyer, pick out a safe location and avoid being robbed. Also, the issue of being surprised by not getting exactly what other classifieds promise you. At BIDACAR, every car presented for a deal has been inspected to be in excellent conditions, and the only thing you'll lose is the bill for a good vehicle value which is a gain in the end because BIDACAR vehicles are top notch. With BIDACAR, our trusted status means that you do not have to be in contact with dealers directly and have to worry about trusting them; you can just lay your trust in BIDACAR.

BIDACAR provides access to a couple more top dealer vehicle inventories. There are over 66k local cars available in the inventories for buyers to choose from. There is a 24/7 support for buyers and sellers alike to assist both parties. Provision of local transportation assistance to move cars efficiently to destinations of purchase, a dedicated sales representative to assist your dealership.
BIDACAR provides all these services are provided by BIDACAR without any charge so why not let the good people at BIDACAR service you because all we have in mind is your good intentions.

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If you work in a company that takes its longevity seriously, there’s a high likelihood you’ll find yourself face-to-face with the notion of retraining your customers.


The notion usually arrives at an interesting transition point. Future business goals are clear, the business is thinking tactically about how to achieve them, and the business wants to keep its current customer base.

If it feels lonely, remember it’s not a unique business challenge. Consider Bed Bath and Beyond, who’s facing the reality of training customers to bring coupons into stores.

But while the long road ahead can feel daunting, it’s an interesting starting point. After all, retraining customers offers much more substance than the standard meeting fare.





1.  The best customer experience companies outline customer-centric progressions.

Your current customers have developed expectations and behaviors over time. If you want to change them, then start with a common tenet of customer centricity: define your customer segments.

Specifically, define what they will be in the future, after you’ve achieved your business goals. What segments will your company serve best? What will they expect of you? How will they interact with your company? What will they need to flourish?


The goal here is to help humanize your end result.

Now imagine the path that your current customers will have to walk to that future. And compare it to your company’s path. What’s a sensible pace for your customers? How many are you willing to lose for a given step toward that future? What work will you need to do to coach your people and change your touchpoints to reflect each step along the way?

If you take a customer-centric approach, you’ll support customer retention throughout the progression. As a rule, people accept gradual change much more easily than drastic change.



2.  The best customer experience companies don't forget the prospect experience.

USMMP believes the customer experience starts before the customer is actually a customer. And the notion of retraining customers gives us a good opportunity to illustrate. Let’s consider one question:

Would it be easier to retrain old customers, or start with new ones?

In theory, the second option is easier. You wouldn’t have to overcome any previous conditioning or history. You wouldn’t have to redefine your interaction.

In reality, it’s not practical (or very nice even) to get rid of current customers for new ones. But you can use a hybrid approach: retrain current customers as you set more manageable expectations for new ones.


Our Voice of the Prospect product helps companies measure and improve their prospect experience, so they can set the stage for the rest of their customer experience. They can also use the prospect experience as a filtering mechanism, one that identifies and targets ideal customers, so they can concentrate energy on those customers and achieving their business goals.


Want to improve your prospect experience?

If you want to improve the entire customer experience, doesn’t it make sense to start as soon as a customer makes first contact? Our ebook below gives you pointers for creating a memorable prospect experience, so you can turn your best prospects into ideal customers.


  • Setup UNLIMITED Inbound Campaigns!
  • Automatically handle Inbound Calls with Custom Greetings and Phone Menus
  • Complete Drag and Drop Virtual PBX Style Phone System
  • Inbound Call Tracking System to track
  • Record and Follow Up on Calls by Campaign
  • Screen Pop of Contact information from on Inbound Calls
  • Create Custom Call Cues for Sales
  • Customer Support and more
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B2B Sales Process & Follow Up !!!

The B2B sales process is really not that hard to comprehend. Also known by its full name, the business to business sales process, it basically refers to the business that is conducted between companies, in lieu of between a company and individual consumers. If you read on, you will learn about some simple steps to the B2B sales process.

Step 1: Choose the Right Potential Businesses to Sell To.

By spending time picking and choosing your prospects, you are making sure that you are not wasting your time and energy on them. Try to look for people who need this, have the essential resources, and are willing to purchase what you sell.

Step 2: Make the First Move.

So, you finished step 1? Good. Now make the first contact. In doing this, you should just be trying to get a meeting with the other business, especially if the business does not know who you are. Maybe send an email.

Step 3: How Will You Approach Them?

As soon as your prospect has agreed to meeting you, you should prepare for your meeting. Since different people need different approaches, you need to decide which is of best fit for you.

Step 4: The Meeting.

In B2B sales, there are usually only one or two meetings before they decide whether or not they are going to purchase your product. Due to this, you must make the most of your meeting, and then follow up will emails.

During the first meeting, be sure to get to know the prospect. Ask as many questions as possible!

Step 5: Closing The Deal.
Once your meeting is done and over with, you will realize that the prospect is either going to buy what you are selling, or is not going to. But in reality, this is all you really need to do: Ask for their business, and just wait until they answer. Stay confident, and your prospect is likely to do the same.

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Goal Is To Put Your Team In Their Own Business

Goal Is To Put Your Team In Their Own Business


A single director or manager rarely has the combination of skills that a management team might have. Each member of a management team can concentrate on their own area of expertise. In addition, the business benefits from having its overall direction and goals viewed from different perspectives.

The rapport within a team is very important and can add further value beyond the individual talents and skills of each employee. Teams whose members relate well to one another contribute significantly to the overall success of their businesses. A disjointed management team could well put off anyone involved with your business, e.g. employees, customers, clients or suppliers. This could ultimately lead to corporate failure.

A strong management team is particularly significant if you want the business as a whole to grow and develop. As a business grows a management team is also important in spreading leadership responsibility. It is crucial if:

  • your business operates in more than one location
  • you are in more than one type of business/industry
  • your business has different cultures, for example after a merger or acquisition

It is worth remembering that management teams can also operate at different levels. Consider establishing teams to help run particular locations or divisions. This provides additional opportunities for staff development and involvement and will benefit your business.

It may be helpful to find a training course that covers the ways a management team can support your business.


The skills required to run a business successfully include:

  • sales and marketing
  • production
  • finance
  • administration
  • procurement and buying

Not every business needs these competencies to the same degree or in the same combination. While all businesses need sales and administration skills, for some production will be critical, while in others buying ability will be more important.

A review of your business should identify skills that are important to it and those skills that your current staff, including yourself, already possess. Do these need developing with formal training or monitoring?

Some types of expertise might only be needed from time to time and it may be better to outsource as required, e.g. using a financial consultant on a short-term basis during a capital expansion phase.

Another option might be to use outside directors or non-executive directors, who can bring substantial commercial knowledge and experience on board.

One of your key tasks is to ensure that all roles and responsibilities are clear and that good communications structures are in place in both formal (management meetings, briefings, progress reports) and informal (team building sessions, general feedback) areas.


You might like to consider the following stages in developing your management team:

  • Review your business' progress to date and decide what direction you want it to go in.
  • Measure your performance in the market against your competitors. Analyse any strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats - commonly known as a SWOT analysis - to identify what gaps there are between where the business is and where you would like it to go.
  • Analyse what skills the business requires and consider what strengths and weaknesses you offer personally.
  • Learn the skills, potential and ambitions of your existing staff and consider less-defined skills such as leadership qualities.
  • Analyse the fit of existing skills to business requirements and establish priorities for the acquisition of missing skills.
  • Establish where staff development could fill skills needs and consider reallocation of responsibilities to create a genuine team, rather than a group of individual managers.
  • Re-examine any skills gaps.
  • Consider other options such as consultants, outsourcing, contract workers, with a cost/benefit analysis.
  • Look to permanent staff recruitment - where possible it is best to plan ahead by recruiting for future positions and anticipating any prospective skills gaps.


In developing a management team it is important to recognise that most people will need some help and training to be able to fulfil the new roles required of them - especially if they are being promoted from within an organisation.

Formal training may be appropriate to increase their specialist knowledge, but the main support will probably be to help them grow into their new management role with confidence.

There is a wide range of training options now available, including formal courses run externally or in-house. Internal, less formal training sessions can also prove useful, and individuals might benefit from on-the-job training, distance learning, or part-time college courses.

In addition to defined skills training, some thought should be given to developing team spirit and training managers in diversity and flexibility. Team-building exercises can play an important part in helping the management team to better understand and communicate with each other.


Development of a management team is an ongoing process. Performance feedback should identify skill gaps, leading to training and future improvement.

As you delegate management responsibility and become more removed from the day-to-day feel of the organisation, you will need to have in place good systems to be able to monitor performance. A suitable balance has to be achieved. You need sufficient feedback from managers to appreciate the overall position of the business, but you also have to allow them the freedom to be able to manage their designated areas.

Performance assessment can usually be divided into two parts - measurement and evaluation.

Performance measurement concentrates on key performance indicators (KPIs), objective factors that can be clearly identified and measured, such as:

  • sales figures
  • production output
  • financial performance
  • machine downtime

Targets are the cornerstones of KPIs. Monitoring them should form part of a regular reporting system, perhaps in written monthly reports.

This should not replace more informal and subjective feedback - for example, at weekly progress meetings - to help keep you in touch. Take care to ensure that the team is not over-managed during this process.

Management experts are always considering ways of being able to quantify the less tangible factors of management performance. An example of such a tool is the balanced scorecard method.

The balanced scorecard method is a management tool that allows businesses to define their aims and put them into action. It then provides feedback that enables them to implement a program of continuous improvement.


In addition to measuring objective factors using key performance indicators, all managers should be part of a formal appraisal system to evaluate personal development.

A good appraisal system can be extremely useful in identifying support needs, and is also one of the best ways of judging performance, particularly in performance areas that are not so easy to measure. An appraisal allows personal objectives to be discussed and relevant tasks and targets to be agreed on.

An effective appraisal system should have four key stages:

  • Set objectives - be clear in your own mind what you want from employees and make sure they know what that is.
  • Manage performance - provide your employees with the tools, resources and training they need to perform well.
  • Carry out the appraisal - monitor and assess your employees' performance, discuss those assessments with your employees and agree on future objectives.
  • Provide rewards/remedies - consider pay awards and/or promotion based on the appraisal and decide how to tackle poor performance. However, be aware that there can be dangers as well as benefits to the linking of rewards to performance.

New assessment methodologies include the 360-degree appraisal, named from the all-round view it encourages - where input on a manager's performance is sought from as many relevant sources as possible such as managers, peers and junior staff.

Incentives at a management level need not always be financially related and can be tailored to different sorts of success. You should give thought to any major differentials between managers that might be created in any such incentive scheme.


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1.Count all your time as time to be used and make every attempt to get satisfaction out of every moment.

2.Find something to enjoy in whatever you do.

3.Try to be an optimist and seek out the good in your life.

4.Find ways to build on your successes.

5.Stop regretting your failures and start learning from your mistakes.

6.Remind yourself, "There is always enough time for the important things." If it is important, you should be able to make

   time to do it.

7.Continually look at ways of freeing up your time.

8.Examine your old habits and search for ways to change or eliminate them.

9.Try to use waiting time­­-review notes or do practice problems.

10.Keep paper or a calendar with you to jot down the things you have to do or notes to yourself.

11.Examine and revise your lifetime goals on a monthly basis and be sure to include progress towards those goals on a

   daily basis.

12.Put up reminders in your home or office about your goals.

13.Always keep those long term goals in mind.

14.Plan your day each morning or the night before and set priorities for yourself.

15.Maintain and develop a list of specific things to be done each day, set your priorities and the get the most important

   ones done as soon in the day as you can. Evaluate your progress at the end of the day briefly.

16.Look ahead in your month and try and anticipate what is going to happen so you can better schedule your time.

17.Try rewarding yourself when you get things done as you had planned, especially the important ones.

18.Do first things first.

19.Have confidence in yourself and in your judgement of priorities and stick to them no matter what.

20.When you catch yourself procrastinating-ask yourself, "What am I avoiding?"

21.Start with the most difficult parts of projects, then either the worst is done or you may find you don't have to do all the

   other small tasks.

22.Catch yourself when you are involved in unproductive projects and stop as soon as you can.

23.Find time to concentrate on high priority items or activities.

24.Concentrate on one thing at a time.

25.Put your efforts in areas that provide long term benefits.

26.Push yourself and be persistent, especially when you know you are doing well.

27.Think on paper when possible-it makes it easier to review and revise.

28.Be sure and set deadlines for yourself whenever possible.

29.Delegate responsibilities whenever possible.

30.Ask for advice when needed.

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Social Media Communities & Engagement !!!

In this blog, I will explain to you how to stay engaged with your social media accounts. It is very

important to stay on top of it; Don’t you want your followers to remain following you?

Never neglect your social media accounts.

This one is sort of a no-brainer. By not posting on your accounts, you are not staying engaged. After a

while of not posting, your followers will get bored and eventually unfollow you. Who wants to follow a

ghost account anyways? Always try to post at least every day if you can.

Engage yourself with your audience.

Even by a simple ‘like’ or ‘comment’ can boost your relationship with your followers. Responding to your

social media fans is a key part of being successful on social media. Also, ask questions. Content is king.

Ask simple questions that could get your audience to respond.

Remember your audience.

In order to maintain a healthy relationship with your audience, you must never forget what your

business is really about. Don’t write pointless blogs, your followers will get bored. Write about why they

followed you in the first place. Find out what your audience likes, and write about that; Keep them


Analytics can be especially useful.

As of recently, even twitter has been providing analytics for tweets. Now, you can see how many people

viewed your tweet, how many people clicked on your profile after viewing the tweet, how many people

clicked on the external link you provided, and even the region of the world the viewers are from. You

can also use Google Analytics, which is essentially the same thing. Use the information you find out from

analytics to better your postings and find out what your audience truly likes and responds to.

Hold a contest.

I mean, who doesn’t love free stuff? By holding a contest, you will not only grab the attention of your

customers, but you will reward them for participating. So by doing this, you actually have the potential

to gain a bigger audience.

Call Us For a free demo 631-578-9018

 Office 212-653-0079

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Automotive Inventory Do's and Don't's

Many dealers have issues regarding inventory, and this problem is the inventory of older cars.

But the solution really isn’t too difficult. Here’s what you need to do.


Keep ½ of your inventory under a month of age.

In order to maximize the used vehicle department in a dealership’s return on investment, or ROI, while

still profiting, you must continually retail fresh cars. Dealers who set aggressive market-based pricing

have an easy time keeping ½ of their inventory so young. The most disciplined dealers maintain ¾ or

more of their used vehicle inventory regarding the same standards.

Maintain a 45 day turn policy.

While keeping in mind the great cost to possess cars, price competition, depreciation and carrying costs,

vehicles tend to lose their profit potential by 45 days. If you do not sell a used vehicle in less than two

months, it is likely that you weren’t willing to price it to sell.

Try to approach vehicle pricing with a market- and time-minded state of mind.

Newer cars will always sell more quickly and produce a great gross profit potential, and selling more cars

in a short period of time sets a “turn and earn” goal for the used vehicle department. One might want to

price a new car at 98-100% of the local market. If it doesn’t sell in seven days, drop that down to 95-97%

of the market. From there, continue to drop the price based on the sale and age of the car to make sure

that the car is gone before you hit the 45 days old mark.


Keep the oldest vehicles in the department with high prices at or near $30,000.
It would be overly beneficial to track the average cost of inventory and try to price the vehicles at $14,00

or even less.

Allow vehicles to remain in your department that are over two months of age.

Back to what I was saying before, by not allowing the vehicles to surpass 45 days of age, you are keeping

your department new in a sense.

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How to Price Used Vehicles

A main issue regarding car sales is the pricing of the vehicles. In this blog I will explain to you

some tips to price your vehicles to potentially help them to sell.

1. Be sure to scan in photos of a trade-in.

2. The manager will then be notified of your scanned in photos. From here, the manager will

assess vehicle interest, the dealership’s history, and current market prices.

3. You will be notified of a recommended price to sell the vehicle for.

4. Your sales team will be alerted of the new price.

5. The vehicle and its new pricing will be updated on the website.

6. When a vehicle comes in for service, your sales team will be notified if there’s positive equity

on the vehicle or not.

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Virtual Automotive Sales Training !!!

Virtual automotive sales training easily takes all of the pressure off of selling. As an up-and-

coming salesperson, you may not be comfortable confronting strangers and pitching them sales just yet.

Wouldn’t it be easy to receive some guidance online before you even talk to a customer?

Basic automotive sales training will likely just list the steps to make a sale. But, is that really

teaching much if you do not follow the steps in person? Virtual training will describe the steps in great

detail. By doing this, you are gaining more knowledge than you would without detail.

Now, by training online, you are able to research on every single aspect of a sale. You can learn

how to build your power team, how to set goals, how to cross and upsell, and even how to appeal to

buyer motives to help you to close more sales. If you’ll read on, I will tell you about some major benefits

to virtual sales training.

1. Repetition.

Opposite of classroom training, you can learn at your own pace. In classrooms, you can easily

miss information, or even zone out and not hear what the professor even said. By doing online

courses, you can easily go back and redo the course if you missed something or didn’t

understand something.

2. Cost effective.

Sales training in classrooms is known to be costly. Not everyone can afford this, and by learning

online, you do not have to drive to a classroom, so this will save you money in the long run.

3. Not only easy, but fun.

Many people enjoy utilizing the internet to learn because it can be more fun than listening to a

professor talk for hours at a time. Online sales programs are designed for dynamic and easy


4. Flexibility.

Since this is all based online, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to learn about

how to sell. All you need for this is a computer and internet access

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Social Media Marketing !!!!!!!!!

There are many aspects you need to keep in mind when planning on social marketing. Here are

ten things you should prioritize in order to fulfill your social media marketing needs.

1. Patience.

Social media success does not happen with the blink of an eye. Although some people get lucky,

you just might have to commit yourself to this to achieve the best results.

2. Influence.

Focus on searching for online influencers in your market with audiences you can speak to, who

will be interested in your business. Partner up with those people and build a trusting

relationship with them.

3. Compound.

If you truly publish quality content and work to increase your virtual audience, then they just

might share it with their own virtual audience, such as on Twitter, Facebook, and maybe even

their own blogs. By sharing your content, it is more likely for Google and other search engines to

find it in keyword searches. This could promote your site even more, and thousands of people

could potentially find you online.

4. Quality.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘quality over quantity’? It is evidently more beneficial to have

100 followers that read and share your content, rather than having 1,000 followers who just

follow you without even reading your posts at all.

5. Focus.

If you stay focused and utilize a social media and content marketing strategy with the sole

intention of building a strong brand, you have a greater chance of success compared to some

simple strategy that tries to be everything to everyone.

6. Listen.

Learn to use your ears rather than your mouth. Read your virtual audience’s online content and

even connect with them to learn more about them. If you do this, then you can create online

content and create conversations that add value to their lives.

7. Value.

Add value to what you are saying. Try to focus less on conversations, and focus more on creating

quality content. There is also value to the relationships you have with your virtual audience.

8. Reciprocate.

By sharing others’ content positively, they will likely do the same for you.

9. Accessibility.

You can’t just post a blog and vanish off the internet. You must be there for your virtual

audience to reply to comments and answer questions. If you talk to them, they will likely stay

committed to your page.

10. Acknowledge.

Back to what I was saying previously; you need to answer comments that others post onto your

page. Would you ignore someone who talked to you in person? No. So regard that to online.

One of the most important aspects of social media marketing success is communication and

building relationships with your virtual audience.

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One of the most popular topics about mobile marketing is the debate over Email marketing vs. text message marketing. However, MessageSystems conducted a survey regarding this to settle the debate. They and Google surveyed 500 consumers to find out which form of communication they preferred to receive special offers and promotions; Here are the results.

  • 50% of people did not want to receive any sort of notification.
  • 25% chose to receive email notifications.
  • 9% of people would rather receive text message notifications
  • The remaining 16% preferred methods of communication such as social media, push notifications, and Snail Mail.

So there you have it. Half of the people would rather not receive promotional messages at all, ¼ of them want to be notified by email, and 9% of people want to get texts. My advice is to start out by notifying potential consumers by email, since that is the most preferred. Then, text them if they’d like. Lastly, contact them through social media, Snail Mail, and push notifications.

Back to the topic of this blog, in today’s society, email marketing is by far your better bet opposed to text message marketing.

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In today’s society, everything revolves around the latest technology. In the sales industry, technology can certainly be used to your advantage. Now, we all know about Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Since we are so technologically advanced however, there is now such thing as Automated Bid Management (ABM) software, which can be utilized by a PPC manager efficiently. Now, the most common ABM software is Google AdWords. There are many upsides to automation, but also several to human pay per click.

Pros of Automated PPC:

  • While humans can not constantly update their account, an automated program can. Automated PPC allows 24/7 updates.
  • Humans make mistakes! Computers do not. Programs will correct any errors that the human eye did not pick up on.

Pros of Human Touch:

  • Automation does not always function flawlessly.
  • Even automated programs require some human assistance, so you might as well do it all yourself.

In conclusion, I believe that automation is not necessary, but it is useful in the sense that it makes life a little bit easier.



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(Beware Of Commission Only)

Other than your standard salary, salespeople in New York State make something called commission. First off, salespeople make base salary. This base salary means that even if you do not sell one thing, you’re still getting paid at the end of the week. However, if you do sell, you will make commission. Commission is the amount of money you earn by making a sale, so it varies. Typically, you make a percentage of the sale value back, based on how many units you sell.

The Most Common Pay Structures for Salespeople:

100% Commission: This means that you do not make any money unless you actually sell. This is usually not ideal for salespeople.
Base Salary + Commission: Salespeople receive a salary, but also commission on top of that.
Salary + Bonus: Salespeople receive a salary and a bonus.
A massive benefit regarding commission is the newfound drive and motivation employees will get. They will think to themselves, “If I sell more, then I will gain more money for myself.” This is also beneficial to the employers, because their employees will now have more motivation to sell, so this will potentially make more money for the company.

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Why Text Structure is Important for SEO

If the text of your posts are well-written and clear, you have a higher chance of being ranked higher on Google. Just like people scan text to find out what is about, Google scans text as well. However, there are some differences. Mostly, people are most affected by the first sentence of paragraphs. In contrast, Google focuses mostly on semantic closeness. Also, in a Google patent, “the reasonable surfer” was explained. In this, it was stated that the keywords in the headings of your posts are used as keywords to place your post at a higher rank.




                How to improve your text structure:

-          First Paragraph: Clarify the text of this paragraph. Emphasize your main ideas. Try to reel the reader in and make them want to keep reading.

-          Headings: Headings should also clarify the point you are trying to make. Don’t forget that headings are often used as keywords on Google.

-          Core Sentences: Always be sure to make the first sentence the most important. People usually tend to read the first sentence while scanning through a reading.

-          Conclusion: As stated previously, text structure is important to attract readers to your blogs, and also for SEO reasons.

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Richie Bello

 I am Richie Bello, CEO, Dealer Source Group & Universal Solutions MMP, LTD an Automotive Sales Trainer and consultant. The services you should expect from us range from rendering the services of polishing your automotive sales person on how to close deals more effectively to benefit both the firm and the client, to also serving you with the consultancy option if you need a quick fix rather than the whole training concept.You would also be interested to know we run a retreat and treating center. At the retreat centre, you may send in your personnel to learn about the latest available technology or just to widen their experience. And then the treating centre is more like a cool off zone where you can start your day, rejuvenate your day or just end your day on a good note. 

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